Welcome here!

This is a PacPay demo website. PacPay is a WordPress / WooCommerce plugin that allows $PAC cryptocurrency to be accepted by retailers through point of sale through a web browser.

You can pay for a demo product here on this site (unit cost 0.02 GBP)

The plugin can be downloaded here. It contains a readme file that explains how to install it on WordPress / WooCommerce.

If you have questions, you can find me on this discord as eric#4970.

Notes :

  1. PacPay relies on two APIs – both should be online for this plugin to work correctly
    1. One to retrieve the exchange rate, hosted on wetakeblockchain.com – it can be tested with this URL – Make sure you agree with the computed exchange rate.
    2. One to the insight explorer http://explorer.paccoin.io
  2. PacPay does not store the coins itself, so it’s not necessary to update it when PacCoin wallet updates. Coins are directly sent to a Pac-Electrum wallet.
  3. This site runs with WordPress 5.2 and WooCommerce 3.6.3